Kit List

On this page we will be listing all of the recommended kit for your expedition, we can lend you most of it but a good pair of walking boots are strongly recommended. There are also several items you most definitely do not need such as mobile phones, Nintendo DS, MP3 players and so on. Your experience of the expedition will be far more enjoyable if you are actually interacting with your group and surroundings.

I should also emphasise you do not need everything on the list as many items are very situation specific and far too expensive if they will only be used once, only those items highlighted in bold are essential and even here you don’t need to break the bank (especially on waterproofs).

If you need advice on suitable equipment then please speak to the EG DofE leaders, the staff at “Cotswold Outdoors” (our recommended retailer with whom you have a 10% discount) or your friendly internet search engine.

(Valuables are not insured so if you’re worried about losing something, leave it at home)


Item Needed Cotswold Recommends Notes
1 pair of walking boots Craghoppers:Tromp Walking Boot Essential on every level, trainers are really not a good idea.
2 Pairs of walking socks Bridgedale Endurance Trekker or Trail. Good socks mean no blisters.
2 Pairs sock liners (optional) Bridgedale coolmax liner
Waterproof overtrousers Craghoppers:
Pakka Plus Overtrousers
One item you must have to pass your assessment, and one of the few we WILL check for before you set off.
Cagoule or CoatWaterproof & windproof) Craghoppers:
Venture Shell
Pakka Plus Jacket
Another item you must have to pass your assessment, and one of the few we WILL check for before you set off.
2-3 T-shirts Craghoppers – Base T Any T-Shirt at all is fine
Thermal T-Shirt (optional) Craghoppers – Base T
2 Fleece tops or similar Craghoppers:
Vector Soft Shell Zip-Neck
Vicona Soft Shell Zip-Neck
Vector Soft Shell Jacket
Vicona Soft Shell Jacket
One warm jacket that fits under your waterproof is fine for bronze. The advantage of a fleece style jacket is that it is light, warm and breathable.
2 Walking trousers (warm, NOT jeans) Craghoppers:
Venturer Trousers
Ventura Trousers
Anything that is light and ideally water resistant will be fine.
Underwear …you really want a recommendation?
Sports Bra (optional) Shock Absorber:Run Bra
MAX bra
Nightwear This really just means clothes that are not muddy from yomping through the hills, probably a bit chilly for PJs.
1 pair of trainers (optional) To protect and rest your feet on the campsite.
Warm hat or sunhat (optional)
1 pair gloves (optional) Probably not needed
1 pair shorts (optional)
Suncream (Essential) High factor work on your tan later. Make sure at least one member of your group has some… oh, and it really helps if you actually use it!
1 pair gaiters (optional) Look silly and can be a little uncomfortable but keeps your feet dry and stops all known tics.

Personal Kit

Pretty much everything on this list is essential so those highlighted in bold are only to draw your attention to specific items. We can lend you nearly all of the large expensive bits and most of the rest can be improvised. The main items you need to buy here are a torch(or head-torch), wash-kit, bowl, mug and cutlery.

Item Needed Cotswold Recommends Notes
Rucksack Vango: Contour Sherpa, Pumori This is something we can lend you, if you want to buy your own then aim for a capacity of around 65-70L.
Rucksack Liner Lifeventure Dri-Store Bags (2,5,10,15,25,40,70 litres) One or two strong plastic carriers, bin bags or rubble sacks will be fine. Its also worth throwing in a few smaller ones for wet/muddy clothing and for packing things like food in case it leaks.
Sleeping Mat Vango: Adventure, Trek, Ultralite. This is something we can lend you.
Sleeping Bag Vango: Nightstar, Ultralite, Supernova. This is something we can lend you, if you want to buy your own the recommendations here are good.
Waterproof bag for storing sleeping bag Lifeventure Dri-Store Bags (2,5,10,15,25,40,70 litres One more strong plastic binbag will be fine, on longer expeditions these can be useful.
Sleeping bag Liner (optional) Lifeventure: Expedition cotton or mummy sleeper. Get a silk one on E-bay for around £10, adds an extra layer of heat and rather more hygenic if using a borrowed sleeping bag or youth hosteling.
Survival Bag Lifesystems: Thermal Bag, Blanket, survival bag. We can lend you one of these… just make sure we get it back as despite being bright orange they have a habit of disappearing.
Small quantity of money (optional) Really just enough for a payphone in case something goes wrong.
Notebook & Pen/Pencil Essential travelling materials, that idea for your presentation may otherwise be lost after another 10km hiking.
Whistle Lifesystems: Survival Whistle, Safety Whistle We can lend you one.
Torch (handheld or head) Lifesystems: Intensity 60 Torch, Intensity 220 Torch You will need one of these, I would recommend a headtorch if you have the budget.
Spare batteries and bulb for torch
Personal first aid kit Lifesystems: Camping first aid kit, Trek first aid kit, Burns first aid kit
Emergency food rations At bronze level an extra chocolate bar is probably enough to be honest.
Water Bottle (1-2 Litres) Lifeventure:
Stainless Steel Bottle (600ml, 800ml)
Tritan Flask (500ml, 1000ml)
Essential, consider having a flask with a hot drink in it (especially for the March Practice). In the summer assessment you will need to drink more water.
Knife, Fork, Spoon Lifeventure: Basic Knife Fork & Spoon Set, Folding
Knife Fork & Spoon Set
Small pocket knife/tool Victorinox: Pocket Tool
Paracord Instant washing line, replacement guy rope, shoelace, belt, pack strap… an essential part of any travelers kit.
Plate or Bowl and a Mug Lifeventure:
Camping Bowl
Camping Mug
Camping Plate
Titanium Plate
Lexan Camping Set
Towel Lifeventure – Expedition Trek Towel (Small, Medium, Large) The microfibre towels are not cheap but they dry in seconds, the larger ones dry fastest.

Group Kit

The only items we cannot lend you are highlighted in bold, make sure you have enough food to last the entire weekend.

Item Needed Cotswold Recommends Notes
Tent Vango:
Hurricane, Typhoon, Spectre, Apex, Chinook, Banshee, Equinox, Tempest, Cyclone, Halo, Omega, Spirit
We will provide you with a tent, you are welcome to use your own but must cofirm the make and model with us first… Sponge Bob Squarepants playhouse teepees are not the ideal accomodation.
Camping Stoves Trangia (any the UL 25 or 27s) We will provide these.
Stove fuel and container Trangia Fuel bottle (0.5-1ltr) We will provide these.
Cooking pans Already included with the Trangia stove.
Scourer and Washing up liquid
Maps We provide them (usually).
Compasses We provide them
Camera Very good idea!
Toilet Paper Might be worth having a packet of tissues in your washkit too.
Plastic Bags for Rubbish