So you’re interested in starting your own programme and achieving an Award?


Congratulations, you’re about to start an adventure you’ll never forget! Now as much as we would like to offer the DofE for free we do have to cover some basic costs such as insurance and registration for the awards.

When registering for the award West Berkshire will charge

  • £19.00 + £20.00 for Bronze Award DofE Pack + Supplement Charge
  • £19.00 + £30.00 for Silver Award DofE Pack + Supplement Charge
  • £26.00 + £40.00 for Gold Award DofE Pack + Supplement Charge

For this you will receive:

  • A DofE Welcome Booklet with lots of helpful information
  • An online eDofE account to record your evidence
  • A Cotswold discount card (15% off)
  • A Badge and certificate when you achieve your award.

The following links will help you register with West Berkshire, something that you would need to do before starting with us in September.

Cost Trasparency_DofE fees and charges WB

master form for WB

At Emmer Green we charge £35 for the year to cover administration, kit hire and materials for training

Additional costs

At EG we are fortunate in that we can supply you with almost everything you need to complete your award, but there are still some costs you will need to plan for such as assessment, your food and a good pair of trekking boots.

Typical costs by level are:

  • Bronze
    • £10 for the practice expedition
    • £25 for the assessed venture
    • £50 -£100 for essential equipment
  • Silver
    • As Silver expeditions are longer and further away they tend to cost a lot more (£200 – £500)
  • Gold
    • Gold tends to be further away than silver and requires more specialised assessment (£1000+)

The total cost of the award can vary greatly depending on the activities you participate in, for example if you decide to go sailing or bouldering as your physical activity it will probably cost quite a bit more than playing football for a school team. Similarly that Silver trek through the Annapurna range in Nepal will probably be a little more pricey than one to the peak district.

If you want to do something really out of the ordinary you could always try your hand at fund-raising or gaining sponsorship. Let your leader know and they will try to help you realise your dream expedition.

Hardship Fund

There are usually some bursaries/support available for those who would struggle with the costs outlined above, if you think this might  apply to you then please get in touch.

What now?

Once your leader has received your fee then you are ready to start your adventure, remember to let us know about your plans so you don’t waste time on activities which won’t count or don’t fit into the right section.

Good Luck and Have Fun!