Why volunteer

Ben Fogle, TV presenter and Silver Award holder reckons volunteering is a great thing to get involved in:

“Employers and universities recognise the value of having people who have a life away from their job.  This is where the DofE comes in, it’s now become the leading Award for young people to demonstrate they have interests outside of everyday life.  Volunteering gives you a chance to make a difference to others and to their community.  I believe that you’ll find your voluntary work will increase your confidence and self-esteem and give you new skills.  I would advise you all to embrace volunteering opportunities; it’s a great way to collect extra experience that could give you the edge at a college, university or job interview.”

In case you’re still wondering what you’ll get out of the Volunteering section, this is what Sarah has to say about it:

“For my volunteering I spent a year helping children with special needs.  Doing my DofE gave me even more back than the hours and effort I put in.”