DofE Volunteering Roles

The Emmer Green Duke of Edinburgh Award group is staffed entirely by volunteers who give their time and expertise to provide a positive, supportive environment that helps young people to achieve their full potential.

There are many different volunteer roles, you could become a:

DofE Leader

Our Leaders are responsible for a DofE group. You’ll lead, guide, inspire and encourage young people, agree their programme choices and approve their progress and evidence. As a leader at Emmer Green you will be expected to attend most of the sessions on Tuesday evening and be able to help out on the daywalks and expeditions.

DofE Activity Assessor

A DofE assessor checks on a young persons progress and agrees the completion of a section of their program. To become an assessor for the Skill, Physical Activity or Volunteering sections then you’ll need knowledge of the chosen activity and be willing to approve the participants evidence. This role requires a very low time commitment from volunteers.

DofE Expedition Assessor

Expedition Assessors are always in short supply as all qualifying expeditions must be assessed by a competent adult who is approved by the Operating Authority and accredited by the DofE through the Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme. This role can involve giving up a lot of weekends.


Adults who can spare some time to help our DofE Leaders run a group can be a volunteer. You may give general support such as administration or helping to give specific training such as first aid and field craft.

Whilst not all volunteers will be involved in the detailed running of our programme everyone needs to ensure continuity throughout, share responsibilities and maintain the overall quality of the DofE experience.

If you’d love to make a positive impact on young people, then we want to hear from you! The best way to do this is fill in the contact form on this site.